Best Places to Visit in Hyderabad


The city of pearls and biryani!

Welcome to Hyderabad. the capital city of Telangana, Hyderabad is full of beautiful monuments of historical significance. The city has a rich mixed culture and also boasts of historical monuments, natural getaways, mouth-watering cuisines and thrilling entertainment parks. The Nizam’s city offers its visitors with many interesting choices ranging from the Charminar in the old city to the immaculately planned Ramoji Film City.


1. The Charminar


The name Charminar is a translation and combination of the Urdu words Chār and Minar or meenar, translating to “Four Pillars.” It is located in the Old City. This square shaped structure was constructed in 1591 by Sultan Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah in the honor of his wife Bhagmati. It is adorned with 4 pillars in each corner and a mosque on the top floor. The minars have beautiful and intricate carvings.

The monument overlooks another grand mosque called the Mecca Masjid. Bricks used in the construction of the central arch of the masjid are made from the soil brought from Mecca, the holiest site of Islam, hence its name.

A thriving market exists around Charminar: Laad Baazar is known for its jewelry, especially exquisite bangles, and the Pather Gatti which is famous for its pearls.

2. Ramoji Film City

Ramoji film city

It is located about 30km from Hyderabad. It is a major filmmaking facility in India and is spread over 2500 acres. Ramoji film city is a proud destination of India that attracts millions of people every year due to its unique and beautiful themes. It also has a huge garden area where you can relax in the lap of nature after a long day of fun and frolic. It certainly is the best places to visit along with your family due to its theme around cinema. Getting a tour of a typical film studio, bird park, kid’s park, rides, multicuisine restaurants; Ramoji has it all. You could opt for a one-day trip or you could also stay back at this destination.

3. Birla Mandir

The Birla Temple is located on the south end of the Hussain Sagar Lake and built atop a 280-foot high hillock of Kalapahad. It was constructed in 1976 and the white marble for the temple was brought from Rajasthan. The temple has an 11 ft tall statue of Lord Lakshminarayana with a beautiful lotus carved around it. The view of the city from the top is breathtaking. It overlooks the waters of Hussain Sagar Lake and provides a panoramic view of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

4. Golkonda Fort

Golkonda fort

Around 11 km away from Hyderabad, this fort was originally built in mud on a 400ft. hill. Its name is derived from a Telugu word meaning Shepherd’s hill. The outermost area of the fort is known as Fateh Darwaza which means Victory gate. An interesting phenomenon observed here is that if a person standing at a certain point near the dome entrance claps his hands, it can clearly be heard at the hilltop pavilion about one kilometer away. Golconda Fort can be visited during the evening hours when the weather is pleasant and the sound and light show can be enjoyed.

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5. Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Lake

The Hussain Sagar lake is the largest artificial lake in Asia. The lake is bordered by the Indira park in the east, Lumbini park in the south and the Sanjeevani Park in the North. This lake is known for its monolith of Lord Buddha which is placed at the center of the lake. The lake is also a hub for water sports like sailing, boating, parasailing, and yachting. Overlooking the Hussain Sagar lake is the famous Eat Street of Hyderabad. It has various food joints such as Pizza Hut, Minerva, Baskin Robbins, etc.

6. Snow World

Snow world

It is the first snow-themed park in India. What’s interesting is that the snowfall is produced of mineral water. It was inaugurated in 2004 by Chandrababu Naidu. There are slides, mountains, and sculptures, all made of artificial snow. Visitors are provided with proper clothing and shoes. It also has it’s own Ice hotel.

7. Nehru Zoological Park

Nehru zoological park

The park is situated about 16km from the city. It was opened in 1963 and named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India. It houses the Indian elephant, panthers, pythons, the Indian Rhino, Asiatic lion, Bengal tiger and countless migratory birds find home here. The park offers various safaris like the lion safari, tiger safari, the bear safari, etc. Battery operated cars are available to take you through the park. bicycles can also be hired.

8. B.M. Birla Planetarium and Science & Technological Museum

Birla planetarium

The Birla Planetarium, one of the chief attractions of Hyderabad was inaugurated in 1985 by late Sri N.T.Rama Rao. The theme of the museum is varied and teaches about the various elements of the universe, such as the comets, the cosmos, eclipses, UFOs, etc. through sky shows.

The Science Museum inaugurated in 1900, is an architectural delight. It is designed by architects from Mumbai and Calcutta. It takes the visitors through the latest discoveries in acoustics, mechanics, optics, etc.

Archaeology is another section of the museum where various sculptures, bronzes, locks, manuscripts, arms and armor, and other various archaeological exhibits are displayed.

The Dinosorium is another important part of the museum. Herre the fossil of the 160-year-old Kotasaurus Yamanpalliensis is exhibited. This was excavated from Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. A collection of fossils of marine shells, dinosaur eggs, etc. are exhibited here.

9. Sudha Cars Museum

Located in Bahadurpura, it is the first car museum in the world. It is the brainchild of K Sudhakar. The museum has a collection of mini bus, cars, bicycles, etc. in all possible shape and size. There are a total of 3 galleries in the museum. The first one has a collection of replicas of race cars, cycles, and cars. The second and the third gallery have designs inspired by anything and everything possible, eg. flowers, camera, pen, computer, and the list is endless.

10. Shilparamam


Established in 1992, Shilparamam is spread over 65 acres in Madhapur, Hi-tech City. It is richly diverse in cultural heritage; a place where skills in a variety of crafts, art, and culture are showcased. It is a myriad of India’s color, diversity, and talent. From woodwork to jewelry, clothes, etc. artisans across India exhibit their work here.

11. Salar Jung Museum

Located on the Southern bank of the Musi river, this art museum boasts of a collection of paintings, carvings, sculptures, manuscripts, ceramics, textiles, metallic artifacts, furniture, carpets, clocks, etc.  from Japan, China, Burma, Nepal, India, Persia, Egypt, Europe, and North America. The museum has 38 galleries of which 20 are on the 1st floor and remaining on the 2nd.

Among the sculptures stands out the world-famous statue of Veiled Rebecca by G.B. Benzoni, an Italian sculptor. Her beautiful face is hazily visible through a gossamer veil.

The most important clock which attracts the greatest number of visitors every day is, however, a British Bracket clock. It has a mechanical device by which a miniature toy figure comes out of an enclosure, strikes the gong and returns to the enclosure at each hour.


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