CHURROLTO – Churros, for life!

Churros.. they held my attention long back. but I did not want to have sweet stuff during dinner. I had been avoiding having it completely. but today altogether was a very different day. I just felt like going to Churrolto; I wanted to have Churros!

So we left around 8.30 p.m. the place had a completely positive vibe! It was comforting. No wi-fi, and a cool poster explaining why not! So we went there to give the order. the man behind the counter was friendly and talked in a very amiable tone. He asked if we were normal hungry or very hungry; and that if we were very hungry there were other options that would make us quite full.

We ordered Gnocchi in pesto and Tex Mex pizza. while waiting for our order, we were just looking around and clicking photos. It is a complete fun place to go to; not that the place is big, but the staff put in a lot of heart in everything that they do. From taking orders to ensuring that we do not at any time feel bored.

So finally our order arrived: The Gnocchi. I was so excited about having gnocchi. It reminded of my days in Aurangabad when the kids only wanted me to cook gnocchi for them. The plating was quite normal, but it looked delicious. The gnocchi came along with a piece of garlic bread. The plate seemed too big for the quantity but the gnocchi was quite delicious, light and airy; just the way it should be. Such a delectable dish.

Then came our Tex Mex pizza. It looked good and tasted even better. A spicy tangy salsa had been put into the pizza, something very new for me. It was also a thin crust pizza; again something that very few places would offer without specification. One bite of this pizza was all I needed for a big smile on my face. I was so happy. I was feeling content. But now we also wanted to have churros. It was the main reason we went to Churrolto. So we ordered Churros with whipped cream dip.

Churros with Whipped cream dip

Oh my! I just fell for this simple looking beauty. The quantity was more than enough for 2 people and the whipped cream too was adequate. Overall, the dish was simple yet exquisite! With a perfect amount of cinnamon,  this dish just made my evening a lot more beautiful than it already was. Overall a superb experience, wonderful staff, cozy place. Brownie points for the wonderful and happy spirited staff.




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