I Found My Love for Cooking

I Found My Love for Cooking

When was the first time you felt the urge to cook? I was in class 3. I was always astonished by the way Maa added all the spices and vegetables in hot oil, in a sequential manner. It amazed me. The order the food went in, the time it should stay on high heat, the time on simmer, everything was magic. And this magician standing in front of me was my hero. My mother. This was the time that I found my love for cooking.

Class 4: I used to wake up at 6.00 a.m. every single morning. After getting ready and taking grandma to the temple, I used to rush to the kitchen where mummy would be making our tiffins. I fell in love with the fragrance in the kitchen and with everything that she cooked. At times, aunty would cook, and the effect was the same. Love and only love.

Now we used to have ‘clubs’ period in school. I had opted for Home Science. Little did I know that my love for cooking was going to be elevated here. In this ‘Home Science Club Period,’ we were taught things folding clothes in a proper way, ironing clothes, cooking, etc. I remember how happy I was when we got to know that we were going to cook. We had learned two very simple dishes: Mashed potatoes and Macaroni. I was so happy to learn about it. I knew that I had to try it at home too. Now mummy was kind of surprised that I wanted to make these dishes on a Sunday. So instead of going out and playing with all my cousins, I decided to stay back and cook. Mummy was by my side obviously. So I had little to no worries. I worked and helped her very enthusiastically. She looked so happy.

Mashed Potatoes

In the next parent-teacher meeting, she made it a point to tell the club teacher that I had so enthusiastically tried both the dishes at home. I still remember how embarrassed I was when the teacher had applauded my efforts in front of all the kids.


Trying these dishes at home simply gave me the needed encouragement. After that incident, I kept sitting near the stove whenever anybody was cooking and then I would tell them: “Please mujhe ek baar banane do na sabzi!” I always got a NO for an answer but I still kept sitting there and asking. I would ask them to at least let me mix it.

What I did not realize then was that even in watching the dishes being made, I was learning. I was learning everything; from which vegetable to put first to how much salt. As I grew, I started buying recipe books and also would keep the cuttings of recipes from the newspaper. I again opted for the Cooking Club when I was in the 8th Class. And after my Class 10 exams, I learned cooking full-fledged. I cooked at least one thing daily so that I could learn how to cook every vegetable. I also learned how to make rotis and it’s types. My favorite being Fina roti. Oh god, how much I loved making it and eating it both.

This is how I Found My Love For Cooking. How did you find your love and passion for something? Do Share with us in the comments’ section. We would love to know more about you.

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