ROTIS, Hyderabad : Food Review


Whenever I hear a new name, I get really nervous; about the place, the food, the taste, everything. Shifting to a new place is really difficult, especially adjusting to the new cuisine.

We were looking for a pure veg. restaurant for dinner in Madhapur when bhaiya suggested ‘Rotis.’ I got nervous. It was showing on my face. I was already too hungry. And lack of good food would mean irritation. Being judgmental was not going to help. So I decided to keep calm.

As soon as we reached the place, I was impressed. The entrance was quiet and cozy. A good beginning, I thought to myself; although it was better to be patient.


We ordered masala papad, paneer tikka and crispy corn for starters. At first, I felt like the delivery was too slow. The masala papads arrived one at a time. The taste was good altogether. But there was too much masala and it was also too spicy. So we had to order another one and had to specify that it be little less spicy.

Next came the paneer tikka. It looked delicious and felt good. The soft juicy paneer coated in what felt like green chutney. The taste was fine.

And finally the crispy corn. The plating was fine but who really cares. It was time to eat. I was so excited. Crispy corn was a favorite. I had a bite. Oh wow. It was so yum. It was the perfect combination of spices with the corn, really nice and crisp. I just couldn’t let go of the corn. And my heart yearned for more.

We also ordered manchow soup. The soup was something that I did not want to eat. It looked good but was little watery. The taste was nice. Chinese. Perfect. Just little watery.

Now it was time to order the main course. The menu card looked more like it had only paneer and it’s variants. Bhaiya even commented: “Isme to sirf paneer hi hai. Kuch bhi order kar do.” So we ordered Paneer lababdar along with butter rotis and garlic naan. We did not have to wait for a long time for the order to arrive. The paneer lababdaar smelled so good. I couldn’t wait to get down to eat this delicious meal. The rotis were served and so was the paneer. The first bite felt so good. Wow. The paneer lababdar was so delicious. The paneer was soft and juicy. The gravy was a perfect mix of spices. It was one of the best paneer dish I’ve had in Hyderabad.

Our next order was fried rice and masala biryani. It took a little bit of time for the order to arrive. But it really didn’t matter. I did not mind waiting. And when our order arrived, I was truly mesmerized. The fragrance of the rice melted my heart. I was desperate to eat the biryani. The aroma was so good. And when I had the first bite of the biryani, my heart filled up with all the joys of the world. I felt like I had entered heaven. I forgot all other things and could only focus on the biryani in my plate. It was one of the best vegetarian biryani that I had here in Hyderabad. The perfect blend of the masala made it even more appealing.

Overall, the experience of dining in Rotis was amazing and I would give it a big thumbs up.


P.S.: The ambience was beautiful and pleasant. Very soothing music was played.

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